Friday, August 1, 2014

The Bubble of Fear

"I realized that none of what I feared was happening now, nor had it ever happened!"  --Being Zen by Ezra Bayada

In his book, Being Zen, Zen teacher and author, Ezra Bayada reminds his readers about practice with fear. While fear is a quite natural impulse, or emotional energy, often alerting and protecting us, it can be limiting and even crippling.
He writes, "…awaken curiosity, asking this practice question', What is this?' … Awakening a desire to know the truth of the moment through experiencing."

Noting that one cannot come into full awareness of the true so long as one engages in blaming, assuming, pouting or other non-experiencing behaviors, really avoidance behaviors in his view, he offers an alternative.
In staying with the moment, just this moment, asking, "What is this?' works with some practice 'like a laser in focusing on the experience of fear itself." He became increasingly aware that the pain generated through fear was simply due to his thoughts and his assumptions. He had 'burst his bubble' of fear, gaining clarity in the exchange.

"Unlike positive affirmation, this exercise is not a cosmetic overlay. It requires that we still see our thought clearly… It lightens the myopic and self-centered perspective that often accompanies the process of learning to know ourselves."

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