Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Precepts: Living Awake and in the Truth, Part 1

Simple Mind is away from the computer. The following is a favorite which appeared here last year, December 31, 2008.--SimplemindZen

Taking up the precept of the Way of Speaking Truthfully is often a first precept encountered and one of the most obvious, yet not always to ourselves. Many of us have finely developed defenses to what would otherwise intrude upon our dream of self. Some have referred to this as being fond of, or attached to our "favorite sins."

In truth we find the ability and power to break away from our usual thought habits and self destructive practices-- practices that act to keep us separated from our true selves, from our peace and our joy. Yet as practitioners of the Way, we see there is only just this moment, that it arises from other moments, and that this moment now leads the way to every other moment. In the Simple Mind, there then is awareness that "where ever you go, there you are now."

Truth is expressed as only just this. Truth turns us towards the realization that our assumptions of permanence are just that, assumptions. Thus living in awareness of truth causes us to look carefully, and to see that practice in this instance is to challenge those assumptions of what it is that makes the world real to us. What is truth, what is "such"?

Here our true self lies, and in the freedom of the truth is our strength.

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