Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Buddhahood of Ordinary People

"Those whose karmic inclination led them on the right path, ended up realizing their true nature and became enlightened." --Mud and Water by Bassui, ed. by A. Braverman

Bassui notes that "the way of the lesser vehicle and path of expedient means, are all established as temporary dharmas... What ordinary person does not have karmic inclination for the Way?" Further, he writes, "there is no ice or snow apart from water, and the Buddhahood of ordinary people can be likened to snow and ice melting and becoming water. From the beginning nothing has ever been lost."

And because of "one mistaken thought -- I am ordinary -- they think that they cannot; enlightenment is difficult to realize." Even for those in who this thought becomes deeply embedded in their minds Bassui continues his talk by saying, "people who preach to others without clearly seeing into their own nature are like the blind leading the blind. This mind is nothing other than Buddha nature.

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