Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bassui Seeing One's Nature, Supernatural Powers

"When you understand the nature of your own mind, it will thoroughly light up the cave of ignorance." by Zen Master, Bassui

Zen Master Bassui writes in an essay, The six supernatural Powers are Seeing One's Nature, contained in the book, Mud and Water, that indeed, "seeing into one's inherent nature is possession of the six supernatural powers. "How can that be so? To the questioner, Master Bassui answers, "Buddha nature is from the outset master of the six sense organs. To keep the master pure and not stained by the six dust producing organs is called the supernatural powers."

How can one attain the supernatural powers such as described, the ability of clairvoyance, clear hearing (clairaudience), mind reading, knowledge of past lives, flying, and the power to stop deluded thinking? Bassui answers, "This infinite light shines of its own accord and watches over all. It is nothingness; it is a wonder. It is silent: it illumines."

"Though forms can be seen, one is not deluded by them. This is Clairvoyance. When sounds are heard through the ears, the echo of vibrations are deeply discerned, and yet there is no dependence on discriminating thoughts. This is called Clairaudience. When you realize your own mind, you will realize the oneness of the minds of the buddhas of the three worlds, the ancestors, the ordinary people and the heavenly beings of other worlds. This is the power of Mind Reading. Clear and independent, the mind will not attach itself to the changing phenomena of life and death, of past and future, but will remain constant without any obstructing doubts. This is the power of Knowing Past Lives."

"When you understand the nature of your own mind, it will thoroughly light up the cave of ignorance, and original, natural beauty will be manifest. In an instant, you will pass through the ten directions without stopping in the blue sky. This is your inherent nature's Power to Fly through the air." When you understand the nature of your own mind, delusions turn into wisdom, writes Bassui. "Because Bodhi is your original, inherent nature... you won't be stained by various phenomena. This is the Power to Stop Deluded Thoughts."

Further the Master notes, "Wise men consider physical manifestations of supernatural powers a karmic hindrance; the ignorant, thinking them desirable, seek after them.... We are all originally in possession of this supernatural power. You will begin to realize it when you look inward, penetrate your own nature. All are equipped with this original nature, and each one is perfect."

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